Fall Photography in Connecticut

One of the best seasons for photography is the Fall. The colors changing, especially in a luscious landscape like Connecticut, add new depth to intriguing locations, and provide a vibrant background for all manner of photos.


Imagine the multitude of ever-changing colors present in the trees hanging over your head as you pose for an engagement photo! Or picture yourself nestling up beside a tranquil stream with the rays of sunshine reflecting off of the rocks! These are the kinds of shots that you can find with regularity on Connecticut during the Fall, and I’ve scouted the best locations to uncover them.


I love working with people during the Fall season begins it’s a time of celebration with ambient weather and peaceful surroundings. Whether you are getting married, celebrating graduating from high school or college, or interested in a family photo, I can help you to commemorate the moment.


People come from all around the country to watch the leaves change in Connecticut for reason! The splendor of this great state is a drawing point for those of us that enjoy the outdoors, bask in the sunshine, and don’t mind finding a nice grotto to lose themselves in. Walking along a thin trail through the woods, with the overhanging plethora or red, yellow, orange, and brown makes for an iconic framing for a photo.


Sort through my available galleries online and see for yourself! Then contact me to schedule a consultation, so we can discuss how to best show your special moment during this lovely season!

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What senior photos can say about you

Your senior photo is like your wedding day- a once in a lifetime occasion that you will treasure for years to come.

In life, lots of people take lots of pictures these days, especially with their cell phones. But very few people actually print their pictures out and save them for life.

With a senior portrait, you’re taking time out of your busy schedule—indeed, your busy life—and sitting down with a professional photographer who is there to make you look your best for a clear, well-lit, cool photo of you. This senior portrait is something that does get printed and shared with friends and family. Moms and dads love having a professional picture of you to carry in their wallet or display in a frame on the living room mantle or table at home.

Long after you’re gone (out of the house), parents will look at that picture— more than you can imagine—and think back to raising you, and what you were like “back then.”

Senior photos can be serious, or they can be fun. Either way, they capture you during a key moment in time during your life—you’re no longer a kid; you’re on the verge of adulthood.

When planning to take your senior photo, Heather Ellicott Photography of Connecticut has some good ideas to help make your portrait turn out great.

What is your favorite hobby or interest? Sure, you can take a “normal, plain” picture, which is great, but you also have the option to show off your interest in “another version” of your senior portrait. Jocks and cheerleaders can wear their uniforms. Drama club kids can dress up in a costume from one of their plays or musicals. And aspiring fashion models can get glamorous with a fancy hairstyle/haircut, jewelry and accessories showing off their individual style.

Another good idea to mix things up a bit is to have your photographer snap some shots of you outdoors in nature. Get some with cool shadows on your face, or vibrant colored backgrounds that aren’t traditional. Even if you’re not artistic, this is your chance to have an artistic photo of yourself that you’d be proud to show to others. Heather can help you figure out good locations, backgrounds, and angles and knows what makes you look your best.




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Photographing Children and Horses

Today I was editing photographs from my most recent high school senior session  when I came upon these photos taken last summer while visiting Audrey, a friend of mine and her three gorgeous children.  When we arrived at the stable we met Audrey’s other children, two majestic horses named Cowboy and Domino. Typical of many young girls, I too wanted to own a horse of my own someday when I grew up. I am such a nature lover, animal lover and all around outdoorsy girl. But alas, owning a horse did not become a reality.  Seeing the joy on my daughter’s face as she sat on top of these magnificent animals pulled at my heart strings. Thankfully, I had my camera to capture this special moment.


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5 tips to look the best for your senior portraits

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… for senior portraits. These pictures are tokens of your youth that you’ll treasure forever, so don’t you want them to be amazing? In order to ensure a top grade experience, there are certain considerations you’ll want to make before getting these photos done.


Not sure where to start? No problem! Here at Heather Ellicott Photography, we’ve been a part of so many senior portrait sessions that we know exactly what you’ll need to do before your appointment. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 things to consider before getting your portraits taken.


  1. Clothes– Wear what works for you! Stick with solid patterns that will flatter your figure. Bright and colorful patterns may be your favorite clothing now, but when photographed it could appear busy and take attention away from your face. Choose simple colors that will bring out your skin tone and allow the focus of the picture to remain where it belongs: on you.
  2. Accessories– When choosing your jewelry, make sure to stay away from anything too gaudy. Simple, classic jewelry photographs the best. Steer clear from any hats or sunglasses, they will distract from your face. However, for a few of the poses it might be a good idea to incorporate certain items that have been important to you throughout your high school years. Perhaps some sports equipment, a camera, or even your best friend!
  3. Hygiene– Make sure that your personal hygiene is in order. Try to get a haircut in the weeks before your portrait session. Wear very light makeup, as any imperfections can be dealt with through retouching and you won’t want to risk excess makeup tarnishing your photos. If you’re a guy, consider a clean shave. Try to get these things taken care of the day preceding your session so that you’re well rested and ready to go when your shoot rolls around.
  4. Poses– Take care to look up some different poses before your portrait session. There are numerous different positions, and testing some out beforehand could save time. Figure out what angles you like and which positions really work for you. Your photographer will have suggestions and know poses that commonly work well, but the most important thing is finding a pose that works specifically for you, so do your research!
  5. The photographer– Finding a photographer that you are comfortable with can be difficult, but is a necessary aspect of receiving senior portraits you can be proud of. On the day of your portrait session, you will want to be comfortable and confident in the person you entrust to capture these once-in-a-lifetime memories. Make sure to research numerous different photographers and review their work so that you can be certain you have found the match for you.


With senior portrait season upon us, you need to make sure that you’re ready for that day or else you will have evidence of your lack of preparation for the rest of your life! Sleep well, pick out your clothes in advance, and make sure to relax. And if you’re looking for a senior portrait photographer you can trust in the Connecticut area, make sure to check out Heather Ellicott Photography!

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5 Steps to a Rustic Connecticut Wedding

The rustic theme has steadily become more common for weddings over the course of the last few years. The relaxed atmosphere and elegant ambiance is appealing to couples that would prefer a comfortable and fun celebration over a stiff and lavish one. Have you been considering a rustic themed wedding for yourself? Feeling as though you could use some direction? For your convenience, we decided to create a list of necessary considerations in order to make your wedding the rustic celebration of your dreams.


  1. Choose the perfect venue. For rustic weddings, simplicity is key. A laid back ceremony that takes place in a back yard or a barn will create a more casual environment that exemplifies the rustic theme. Incorporating the outdoors in any way will give your wedding a refreshing country vibe- whether it takes place on a shoreline, the countryside, or in the mountains. Open spaces such as wineries or modest locations such as quaint inns and bed and breakfasts will also serve as wonderful venues. The natural beauty and charm of these locations adds a magical air to the celebration, and will serve as an incredible backdrop to your nuptials.
  2. Choose appropriate décor. Decorations are important for putting a personal touch on your wedding. Incorporating lace, burlap, distressed wood, antiques, and mason jars will allow you to enhance the rustic ambiance that’s already set by your choice of venue. Take on DIY projects to make the decorations reflect you personally, and consider using twinkle lights and lanterns as your light fixtures. Implementing a vintage feel does not take away from the elegance of your wedding, but rather gives it an ethereal beauty that emulates simpler times.
  3. Select the right dress. An over-the-top, fancy dress would look out of place at a rustic themed wedding. Make sure that your dress and the dresses of your bridesmaids reflect your vision for your wedding, and look at simple, vintage-looking dresses. A helpful hint – lace embellishments look phenomenal in a rustic setting, so bear that in mind while you’re dress shopping.
  4. Choose a great wedding photographer. Pick a wedding photographer that understands your vision. The essence of a rustic wedding is that it is a more relaxed and fun gathering than the extravagant weddings you see on T.V. You’ll want to pick a photographer that understands this and will work with you to capture your wedding exactly as you want to remember it. Not just a series of stiff poses in a pre-determined location, but rather a celebration of life and love amongst friends and family. If you’re in the Connecticut area and looking for a photographer with the right eye for a rustic celebration, Heather Ellicott Photography.
  5. Throw an unforgettable reception. Make sure your choice of foods, music and seating arrangements match your existing theme for the reception. Your food and drink selection should be simple and delicious, perhaps resembling a country style home-cooked meal. As for musical options, an acoustic live act would bring the optimal amount of life and fun to your celebration. If this is not something you would be interested in, however, then the ultimate rustic wedding playlist may contain powerful instrumentals and danceable oldies. Look to musicians such as Van Morrison, Mumford and Sons, and Otis Redding to create a happy tone to the night and keep your guests dancing until the very last minute. Lastly, the seating arrangements are something that you have the freedom to divert from the conventional with. Allowing guests to seat themselves, or arranging one large table for the whole reception would uphold the intimate setting that is so special to rustic weddings.


Heather Ellicott Photography


Heather Ellicott Photography

Rustic weddings done right are unique, memorable events. It takes the emphasis away from impressing your guests and shifts it to genuinely enjoying their company. The important thing to remember with planning rustic weddings is that they are, by nature, simple – so don’t stress over your special day!

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