What senior photos can say about you

Your senior photo is like your wedding day- a once in a lifetime occasion that you will treasure for years to come.

In life, lots of people take lots of pictures these days, especially with their cell phones. But very few people actually print their pictures out and save them for life.

With a senior portrait, you’re taking time out of your busy schedule—indeed, your busy life—and sitting down with a professional photographer who is there to make you look your best for a clear, well-lit, cool photo of you. This senior portrait is something that does get printed and shared with friends and family. Moms and dads love having a professional picture of you to carry in their wallet or display in a frame on the living room mantle or table at home.

Long after you’re gone (out of the house), parents will look at that picture— more than you can imagine—and think back to raising you, and what you were like “back then.”

Senior photos can be serious, or they can be fun. Either way, they capture you during a key moment in time during your life—you’re no longer a kid; you’re on the verge of adulthood.

When planning to take your senior photo, Heather Ellicott Photography of Connecticut has some good ideas to help make your portrait turn out great.

What is your favorite hobby or interest? Sure, you can take a “normal, plain” picture, which is great, but you also have the option to show off your interest in “another version” of your senior portrait. Jocks and cheerleaders can wear their uniforms. Drama club kids can dress up in a costume from one of their plays or musicals. And aspiring fashion models can get glamorous with a fancy hairstyle/haircut, jewelry and accessories showing off their individual style.

Another good idea to mix things up a bit is to have your photographer snap some shots of you outdoors in nature. Get some with cool shadows on your face, or vibrant colored backgrounds that aren’t traditional. Even if you’re not artistic, this is your chance to have an artistic photo of yourself that you’d be proud to show to others. Heather can help you figure out good locations, backgrounds, and angles and knows what makes you look your best.




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